Interview with the Nerd: Olivia

A chat with the former Cosmos China & IRISnet Community Manager ❤

Because behind every Community Manager there is love.

For your job, of course, but above all, there is love for the people who cross their path with you every day.
In these months I’ve had the luck to meet many of these extraordinary Cosmonauts.
Finally, after the interview with dogemos, I can host at Interview with the Nerd another member of the Cosmos Community that I have esteemed and admired since our first meeting.

Olivia and the IRISnet Mascotte with the $IRIS commemorative token, released for the 100-day anniversary of the launch of the IRISnet mainnet
This photo was taken in Seoul at BUIDL Asia. A few days before, at the Cosmos HackAtom, I had the pleasure to meet Olivia and Mrs. Harriet for the first time.
In my opinion, Olivia could be one of the influencers able to attract new users within the world of blockchain, thanks to her preparation, experience and remarkable communication skills.
  • We also developed ICS 20 token transfer of IBC.
  • In addition to technological contributions, we helped to build and grow the Cosmos community in China as well.
  • To enter Wechat group, add ID: cosmos-irisnet
  • Bihu : COSMOS
  • Weibo: Cosmos-Tendermint
  • Twitter: @cosmoschina
  • For developers who speak Chinese, you can join QQ group: 796875456
* — *


In these difficult times, in which social interactions that we used to consider a routine are now denied to us, I really find a new beauty in this series of interviews.
Thanks to it I have the excuse to spend some time with friends I haven’t seen for a long time and talk to them about what is happening, agreeing with how lucky we were and we didn’t even realize it.



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