Cactus Blossoms Show the Truth

some things are best kept sacred

Lisa Tomey
Jan 2 · 1 min read
Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

deserts succulents
areoles defining them
heavens own waters
passing no judgements of what
is seen or not to be seen

casting sand shadows
pausing forever to when
if they had true eyes
they would know there are secrets
kept by unseen, thoughtful souls

shaking not from winds
solid in their sandy soil
drawn forth by their roots
how does nature know what of
this own device for secrets

cactus blossoms show
beauty in the secrets kept
sometimes it is best
to keep the quiet when we know
the hallowedness of our thoughts

The Cotton Thread

weaving life with words

Lisa Tomey

Written by

Artist, Writer, Nature Enthusiast, Foodie, who is growing older gracefully, or not.

The Cotton Thread

weaving life with words

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