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The thanks of the rose

I never thanked you

Oh man of God!

And I never forgot you

Do you remember?

For you I adorned myself and I perfumed myself

For you I got well dressed and I colored myself

But you, you never looked at me

And I, impatient, passionate, caressed

By the breeze, bathed in dew.

You came from Vesperas

In Indian column

Until you finally noticed me

And delighted, you wanted to stop

But, what about the column?

You promised me to come back

And looking me in the eyes, you told me

How beautiful you are!

But me, I could not wait for you

The life of a rose is so short!

For you, until death I defoliated

For you, until death I loved you.

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weaving life with words

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Misa Ferreira de Rezende

Misa Ferreira de Rezende

I write because the world enchants me, death frightens me and life amazes me. I am a writer. “About me” stories

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