Bringing much needed context to the skincare crowd

Objective product comparison was not possible, until now.

I read an article a while back on Emily Weiss and why she started her now wildly successful skincare brand Glossier. She talked about the market being crowded with products but lacking in context. Well talk about a girl after our own heart, we couldn’t agree more Emily! Glossier has created context for their customers by being clear about how products fit into their customers’ daily lives and solving real-life beauty problems.

Our approach to delivering context is a bit different. Right now, brands purposely make it very difficult for consumers to compare their products and different ingredient lists. Ingredient lists are long and naming conventions are inconsistent. The harder it is to compare ingredient content, the more they can market their formulations as unique and one of a kind. They can then use this to justify high prices.

SKINSKOOL provides context to consumers by providing a frame of reference, presenting a setting against which your products exist. We allow you, for the first time ever, to objectively compare your favourite products. We think this is a key step in the buying process that is currently missing. In no other industry are consumers expected to essentially “buy blind”. We hope it becomes second nature for you, before ever buying another skincare product, to pop it into our Skincare Compare dupe finder first. Get the background you need to make better buying decisions.