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Do math and skincare mix? We certainly think so.

At the heart of our Skincare Compare Dupe Finder lies an algorithm that was developed by a really, really smart guy. When he’s not helping us disrupt the skincare industry and uncover hard to find luxury skincare dupes, he’s working on algorithms for the aeronautics industry. You know, rocket science type stuff.

Imagine the algorithm that powers Skincare Compare as a giant calculator that calculates a score for every product vis-à-vis each other to determine its similarity. There were many challenges in creating a platform that could effectively compare over 16,000+ products and growing. Our proprietary algorithm takes many factors into account — inconsistent ingredient names, individual ingredient weightings, functional ingredient groups, ingredient claims, brand attributes and ingredient list order. The number of factors we decided to take into account was certainly ambitious but we’re satisfied that what we have built is a useful and comprehensive comparison tool, the first of its kind.

Check out Skincare Compare for yourself here and find that elusive skincare dupe.




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We've built the world's first ingredient based skincare comparison and product discovery tool. Search over 33,000 products to find similar product alternatives.

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