For the skincare skeptics

Apr 17, 2020 · 2 min read

We all know one, or more.

We all know someone in our lives that we would label the skincare skeptic. They’ve said it once, they’ve said it twice — “Oh all skin creams are the same. Why are you wasting your money?!” While of course we know that this is certainly not true, all skincare is not created equal, we can understand why it sometimes seems like so many brands out there are saying the same thing. This coupled with the insanely large number of products on the market, there are bound to be products out there that are similar. But until now, there has never been a way to compare products. Skincare Compare changes all that. We built it as a way to build context around the products we were seeing in the market, to help us learn more about the products we were already buying.

It wasn’t an easy task. Our team had to make a lot of decisions about how to level the playing field across brands and products, walk a line between art and science but in the end we have created a tool we feel analyzes an entire ingredient list and compares it on equal playing ground to the rest of the market. We are constantly adding new products and will even unveil the haircare category in the next few months. With haircare having a moment and the number of new luxury haircare products proliferating, we wanted to help beauty lovers make better buying decisions in that category as well.

And for the skincare skeptics out there — we challenge you to do a few dupe searches on Skincare Compare. While finding a product that is a 100% Match Score dupe for another product does happen from time to time, it’s not as often as the skeptics would think.

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