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11 min readApr 29, 2020

The music business in 2020 looks a lot different than it has in the past because there are more resources than ever. These resources come in a variety of modes including audio, video, text, graphics, etc, in addition to organizations looking to fill the gap that artists, producers, engineers, and music business professionals have lacked in the past. These days it is no longer acceptable for anyone looking to get into the music business to come in without a foundation. Musicians have an incredible amount of information at their disposal to form the requisite knowledge to get better deals and create longevity in a tough industry. With that being said the industry is ever-changing, and certain sources do a great job of dropping gems, providing knowledge and sharing stories that will ensure that you are engaging in proactive thinking about the music industry.

I have decided to put together a guide that highlights the top music business resources in the game including podcasts, newsletters, websites, social media accounts, organizations, and lawyer accounts.

If you are an artist, producer, engineer and/or other music business professional I suggest you bookmark, follow and use the resources provided below. The resources below combine an extremely useful variety of music business news related to law, tech, streaming, royalties, intellectual property, history, events, daily motivation along with other music industry nuggets.

These are the same sources, I gather my daily foundation of music industry news and insight from. The purpose of this list is to provide artists, creatives and other aspiring or current music business professionals the go-to places for the best and most knowledgeable content related to their careers and the business itself.

We are in the midst of a history-altering pandemic that has taken the lives of thousands and has shaken many industries to their core. The music business similar to other industries has taken a hit especially as it relates to live music. I can’t imagine live shows coming back in 2020. Because of this many in the industry are focusing on live streaming content, online written content and impromptu digital performances. As we all continue to adjust to the new reality, it is imperative we keep learning.

I introduce the 2020

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