7 Productive Tools to Add More Hours to Your Day

Stuck on sending one e-mail since morning? Missed another meeting? Postponing that task you had to do for another week?

We’ve been there too and don’t want you to stay in this zone. To help you choose, we’ve selected among the countless productivity tools, the ones that support us the best.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort- Paul J. Meyer

Check out below our full list. We hope they help you to accomplish some of your big goals.

1. Noisli

To zoom out the world around you and to down & focus Noisli provides you relaxed ambient sounds, from rain to coffee house. We like their versatile sound list.

The tool definitely works like magic for our productivity! And the best part is it runs in your browser if you’re not that big a fan of installing apps. Just load up the site, click on the sounds you want to hear, and get to work.

2. Panda

Now this one is our absolute favourite. You may ask what’s so special about Panda? Let us ask you a question.

How many websites you scroll down for your daily dose of industry news/inspiration?

As expected, that one has got to be a big number. Now imagine having all the best content picked & placed for you in one place! Yes, Panda does that for you. Hacker News, Dribble, Product Hunt, Designer News, The Verge are a few examples of the websites Panda curates from. The best thing about this tool is its simple interface that makes your browsing experience fun & time saving.

3. Unroll.me

Do you get distracted by the hundred mails you receive from subscribed lists?

Accept it, only a very less number of these emails are the ones you actually vouch for. Now think you could unsubscribe & delete unwanted emails one by one, or you could visit Unroll.me and take care of it in one go. This tool searches your inbox for newsletters, app notifications etc and offers you to either add those items to a daily “rollup” email or cancel your subscription on the spot. Life made easy, isn’t it?

4. Muzzle

This one is a blessing for freelancers and people who work remotely. More than half of you meetings happen online, don’t they? This is a Mac app that let’s you silence all your desktop notifications while screensharing. Our saviour from embarrassing moments.

5. Numi

Source: Numi

This Mac app is a calculator. Now what different & productive feature can a calculator have, right? Mind you, this one is the bomb. It blends math with text. currency, units, time zones, numeral systems, variables, export, notification widget. Thus, saving half of our time!

6. Headspace

Source: Headspace

Meditation when practiced properly can change your life. It reduces stress, helps to sleep better, improves mental health & increases productivity. But in our already busy lives, we never make enough time for it. Packaged as ‘meditation for modern living’ Headspace stays true to its mantra.

With it’s initial free installation and then special subscriptions we’ve been able to take time for guided meditation & can feel the difference that it makes on us. We highly recommend you to check it out.

7. Rescuetime

Source: Rescuetime
More than 80% of our distractions are web-based.

What if you have a tool that tracks all the time you spend on your computer, how many times & where did you get distracted? Rescuetime does exactly the same! This data can be super valuable as you get to know the bad stuff and the good stuff about your web/app surfing across the day.

This tool has helped us reduce some of our bad surfing habits. Try it for yourself!

If you enjoyed reading this list & find it helpful hit the ♡ button. We would love to keep this conversation going in the comments. Tell us what productivity tools do you use and which ones would you add to our list?


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