Implementing Sketch & Zeplin in our Workflow

At The Create Labs, we believe, we produce our best work when our designers and developers work in the best collaborative & cooperative environment. While they contribute in very different ways, they are like two important pieces of the same puzzle. Hence it’s crucial to ensure they work as a team and are always on the same page.

Thanks to vibrant and constant innovation in the collaboration software space, we now have a great range of tools that make our work day more productive. But you’ve to make the effort to really find out which one is the best for your team to facilitate an open communication process.

In our case the two favourites are Sketch & Zeplin — they work perfectly for our designers and developers as a combination! Let us break down for you how we use them best and the benefits that they have in our workflow. ✍️

Quick word —


Sketch is widely used by our design team. It is made for Mac OS users to design interfaces, websites, icons and more. The number of plugins offered to be used in Sketch are another plus for our designers — you can find a useful list here.


Zeplin is in our eyes the ultimate collaboration tool between designers and developers. It lets designers upload their visuals straight from Sketch and add them to project folders in Zeplin for developers to see. What we like best — it goes beyond the regular design workflow and helps in the design hand-off.

Integrating them in our workflow

We believe in open communication from the start of any project. Our designers and developers sit together to brainstorm ideas and build fantastic experiences. This in no way means that we rely only on our face-to-face meetings — that’s where the role of Sketch & Zeplin comes in. 
As soon as designs are finalised, they are transferred from Sketch to Zeplin.

We use Zeplin’s Slack integration so that the team is notified about all the updates as soon as they are done. The workflow is made a lot easier from here with the help of following features —

  1. Zeplin works as a plugin with Sketch so uploading designs becomes an easy job.
  2. The annotations (sizes, colours, margins, CSS suggestions) get automatically added to the designs in Zeplin, which makes the work for developers easier.
  3. Zeplin can easily create all sizes of assets based on your platform (Android, iOS, etc) needs.
  4. It helps you create style guides that can make the work of design teams consistent.

The key here lies in making the best use of the tools you implement to keep the team communication smooth & at the same time being focused and productive.

Try it!

Involving Sketch & Zeplin in our workflow has made the process of shipping products quicker & hassle-free. We highly recommend this combination to our fellow designers & developers. We’d also love to hear your perspective — has this or any other combination helped your team to work better? Let us know in the comments 🙂


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