The Van — Phase one, Part three

Frame and Body Work

It is the perception to look to the right of a 2 lane roadway and see the aged vehicle running strong , dominating the road , knowing that its frame and body are an era of rigid strength, thick metal that takes the blows with honor. Seeing maybe it has taken 15 yeas longer for the rust to punch through and render the vessel with spots of water in the interior ,that rust has also eaten away the undercarriage and a little day light shows through the firewall.

I am still at odds with whether or not to do a full on paint job , from the advice of peers , or my choice, which is to matte clear coat the original paint to keep her trapped in time, right down to the 70’s era pitted decals and off tone ,once green GMC sparkle paint. The look is the look, it’s the look that people give me as they pass by in anger and agitation that the van and I are doing the speed limit but deceptively looking slow and lumbering. A new paint job, to me , gives the impression that I caved in to the new, abandoned the old, face lifted the beauty of age and the wised height of time and speed to avoid the inevitable collision of when dreams and goals intercept and maybe someone (me) is going to get T-boned with impatience.

The others passing don’t hear the aches and bellows of an old lady and an old van making the sharp turn or the sudden brake while everyone in the world reassembles the road to suit their needs. It is funny to hear someone make a 2 beep notice before they pass me , funnier that the van has perfectly placed exterior side mirrors. And the van and I saw them coming quite a while ago.

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