5 Best Flowers for Opening Flower Stand

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Smile Floral — Grand Diamond Opening Flower Stand

The sun is up in clear blue skies, and sun rays transcend through your window, touching your face to signify it’s time to wake up. You yawned, checked your phone, and saw a message from your best friend stating:

Hey bestie! I’m having a grand opening of my restaurant today. I would appreciate if you could come to support my business. The ceremony will start at 1 pm. See yah!

Of course, you want to come and support your friend, but then you ask yourself, “what’s the best gift you can give to a friend? You thought of appliances or tableware, but knowing your friend, she prepared it all for the opening preparations. So why not send her place a grand opening flower stand to counter her invitation? A floral that will complement the place.

Flowers appropriate for opening flower stand.

Getting an opening flower stand is not just as simple as picking flowers from the garden. The concept needs to be analysed on how it should be presented. It differs if you’re handing a bouquet to a friend to show appreciation, or love or casual event. Grand opening flowers are meant to complement the venue. It should go alongside the colour motif to add more prestige to the flowers you have favoured for the occasion. So what flowers are fitting for the grand opening?

  1. Roses
    Though this is the most common, yellow ones signify new beginnings and joyful celebrations.
  2. Orchids.
    Orchids, on the other hand, despite the variations, do connote elegance. Even if it’s hanging, its beauty is indeed exquisite.
  3. Lilies.
    Conversely, lilies are ideal for opening flower stands as they epitomise prosperity, blessings, wealth, humility and devotion.
  4. Carnations.
    Known as the flower of the gods, albeit not so sure if it is true, as it differs in every culture. Yet one thing sure is that its significance brings luck to the recipient.
  5. Gerberas.
    Gerberas represents happiness. Something about this flower can transcends happiness directly to your soul, a xeno to be exact.

In a nutshell

Whatever you choose, it is still best to do some mix and match to convey your emotions further. For example, how Smile Floral florist does it is not just pure roses or orchids. They combine flowers to add more elegance and showcase it as the centre of attraction. For cases where you don’t know what’s a good combination, asking your preferred florist for advise will boost your friend’s venue. On top of that, you may also request an add-on. Such as having helium balloons that will emblaze the area. Also, don’t forget to add a note wishing your friend’s business a prosperous and abundant venture!



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