Understanding Tracking Systems in E-commerce

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In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, the ability to track shipments accurately and efficiently isn’t just a convenience-it’s a necessity. As businesses strive to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline their operations, the role of sophisticated tracking systems becomes increasingly crucial. This blog explores the basics of package tracking and compares the technologies used by major carriers like UPS, TNT, LaserShip, and Saia.

The Basics of Package Tracking

What is Package Tracking?

Package tracking is the process of monitoring the progress of a shipment from the moment it leaves the seller until it reaches the buyer. This system relies on scanning packages at various checkpoints along their journey, updating the system, and providing real-time or near-real-time data to customers.

Why is Tracking Important?

Customer Expectations: Today’s consumers expect to know exactly when their orders will arrive. Effective tracking helps manage these expectations and enhances customer satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency: Tracking helps businesses monitor their shipments, manage inventory more effectively, and reduce costs associated with lost or delayed items.

Security: Knowing where a package is at all times helps mitigate the risks of theft and loss.

Comparison of Tracking Technologies Used by Major Carriers


Technology: UPS uses advanced AI and machine learning technologies to enhance its tracking capabilities. This includes predictive analytics to estimate delivery times more accurately and adjust routes dynamically based on traffic and weather conditions.

Features: UPS provides detailed tracking information that includes the expected date and time window for delivery. Their system also allows for real-time notifications and adjustments, such as changing delivery locations while the package is en route.


Technology: TNT’s tracking system is heavily integrated with international shipping logistics, making it robust for global operations. It includes features like customs clearance tracking, which is essential for international parcels.

Features: TNT offers a comprehensive tracking system that provides detailed logistical steps involved in the shipment, from pick-up to customs clearance to final delivery, ensuring users have a clear view of the entire process.


Technology: Specializing in last-mile delivery, LaserShip utilizes route optimization software that adapts to local traffic and urban logistics challenges. This technology is tailored for quick deliveries in metropolitan areas.

Features: LaserShip’s tracking system is designed for speed and efficiency, providing frequent updates and estimated times of arrival that are crucial for deliveries in urban settings where customers expect rapid service.


Technology: Saia focuses on freight shipping, employing tracking technologies that cater to large-scale logistics operations. This includes detailed freight management tools that help track multiple items within large shipments.

Features: Saia’s system offers detailed tracking at each stage of the freight’s journey, with capabilities such as load and route tracking, delivery scheduling, and real-time status updates tailored for freight needs.

Understanding individual carrier technologies highlights the sophistication and specialized approaches taken by each to optimize their delivery services. However, businesses and consumers often interact with multiple carriers, necessitating a more unified approach to tracking shipments across different platforms. This is where third-party tracking solutions like 17TRACK come into play, offering an all-in-one tracking system that bridges the gaps left by individual carriers.

Integrating Third-Party Tracking Solutions: The Case of 17TRACK

Overview of 17TRACK

17track.net emerges as an all-encompassing package tracking platform, invaluable for both individuals and businesses monitoring shipments globally. It supports over 2100 carriers and 190 airlines worldwide, providing high-accuracy tracking solutions across a broad spectrum of logistics needs, ensuring no shipment is left untracked.

Benefits for E-commerce

APIs and Widgets: 17TRACK offers APIs and widgets that enable e-commerce platforms to embed seamless tracking functionalities directly into their sites. This integration enhances customer experience by providing end-to-end tracking capabilities, vital for maintaining transparency and trust.

Global Coverage: With its extensive support for numerous carriers, 17TRACK empowers users to track both international and domestic shipments efficiently. This capability ensures that users have continuous access to detailed logistics information, irrespective of the carrier handling the shipment.

Using 17TRACK for Carrier Tracking

For users of services like UPS, TNT, LaserShip, and Saia, 17TRACK provides dedicated tracking pages that streamline the monitoring process. These pages allow for straightforward updates on delivery statuses, showcasing why 17TRACK is a preferred tool for managing shipments globally.

UPS Tracking on 17TRACK

TNT Tracking on 17TRACK

LaserShip Tracking on 17TRACK

Saia Tracking on 17TRACK

Integrating 17TRACK into logistics practices not only simplifies tracking across various carriers but also enhances the end-to-end shipment tracking experience, a key component in modern e-commerce operations.


This exploration into the diverse tracking technologies used by major carriers like UPS, TNT, LaserShip, and Saia, along with the integration of 17TRACK’s universal tracking solution, highlights the essential role of advanced logistics in the e-commerce industry. By adopting these sophisticated tools, businesses enhance their operational transparency and improve customer satisfaction by providing real-time updates and a seamless tracking experience. As the logistics landscape continues to evolve, leveraging these technologies will be crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and ensuring customer trust in an increasingly digital world.

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