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Basketball Dad’s President Parody a Hit

Three comic panel rates LaVar Ball “30”

Ball arrived impersonating boxing promoter Don King in direct response to the President’s Tweet. (Shawn Lea)

The audition was delayed when producers realized Sharon Needles was not, as advertised, a comic impressionist but a character performed by drag queen Aaron Coady.

The three judge panel included Rich Hall, Steve Coogan and Sharon Needles.

“It’s like an ear worm songs that plays over and over in your head. You can’t get rid of it. I had to drink myself unconscious to kill Tatu’s ’All The Things She Said.’ Even a year-long heroin coma won’t kill ‘Fake news.’”

Ball received the first Golden Showers award, which will offered annually until the end of the President’s term. (Freepik)



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