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— a poem of potpourris.

Day By Day.

What’s your winter?

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

It feels like broken clockwork
living in a state of disarray.
Our insides would soon freeze;
Weakly flickering, dying candlelight.

This winter truly is malign,
even made the air unbreathable
Hardly any food on the table,
What will I tell the children?

We seem lively but hardly alive;
living of our long-held breaths
We’ve ceased every wish
and pray it’d be worthwhile.

As we enter the long, relentless night
that dark, uncharted alleyway
Even when we’re no longer
those vibrant beings we’re known by
I’m glad it’s still you and me,
day by day.

Winter can mean so much to everyone.
Haunted in debt, chased by the past, even the actual weather.
Whatever it is, make sure you hold your loved ones tight and appreciate them for sticking by.

You may not have them the same tomorrow.



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