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Finding Joy

In the most unexpected places.

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It’s easy to get bogged down in the here and now. Frustration, anger, angst and all the swirling emotions that turbulent times may bring. Taking a detour from it all may seem impossible. It’s not.

Sometimes, if you close your eyes, and just breathe, you might find yourself with a smile on your face, as if by magic.

A whiff of a cherry blossom. The joyful sound of a child‘s laugh. The memory of a first date. Or last.

Sometimes, you need to look again. Sometimes you need to change how you see, feel, hear.

The photographs that brings you sadness. Perhaps friends and family no longer in your life. Remember to be happy for a moment that you had them.

The anger you feel at the politician who’s narcissism is destructive—be happy for a moment that you aren’t related to them, don’t work for them and are astute enough to see right through them.

The frustration you feel at the counter as you wait for help from an overworked and equally frustrated employee? Be happy for a moment that you are on the other side of that counter, and free to walk away and move on.

The disbelief we all feel as we’re told to take shelter, not from the storm, but from each other. Be happy for a moment that we have that shelter.

While we can, we need to take a moment to look beyond the noise.

See the joy.

In the infant gurgling in her stroller with joy over nothing and everything. In the children skipping along to a tune only they can hear.

In the young lovers, strolling, separating only long enough to avoid the obstacles in their path as they head nowhere, and everywhere, together.

In the old lovers, faces weathered with age, holding hands and smiling as they struggle to take each step. Holding onto each other, supporting each other. Moving each other through life.

In the surprised and weary relief of the customer, needing just one last item, as the shopkeeper opens the door for them one last time.

In the singular focus of the little girl curled up in the corner of the bus shelter, reading her favorite worn and tattered storybook for the one-hundredth time.

In the glorious, exhilarating and triumphant cheer of an adult, letting go of a 2-wheeler, while a child precariously balances and pedals furiously… away from them.

All about us, everywhere we turn, life is spinning and whirling out of control. Sensory overload. Sometimes we all just need to look beyond the noise.

To find the joy in that singular moment.

MJ Miller is busy recovering from a somewhat long and painful marketing career. A prolific procastinator and querying addict, her musings can be found on her author’s blog as well as a few other blogs floating in the cloud. Her recently self-published works of fiction can be found on Amazon.




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