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Frustrations In Love 🥀

Everyday I wonder how do I come across the right words,

It’s crazy to think that I’m so comfortable yet so weak when I’m with you,

It’s like the manly instincts to be strong and look fierce have vanished,

From your sweet angelic voice, to your flawless swagger,

The perfect smile that makes life feel so breathtaking,

For awhile I didn’t understand what was unraveling before my eyes,

Suddenly all the memories reappear into a smile of frustration,

As the girl who gave me advice and motivation, Is the girl I want to give my full dedication and affection,

All this time I never thought this would carry to this extent,

But who knew that an I love you would ignite a fire around the ice that was placed on my heart and tear down the wall that blocked every tear of love and pain,

Lost in love and now trapped in an island of hope as the fear that has scared man since the beginning of time has created a cloud that could rain the glory in her words of love or the storm of hurtful defeat…



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Smooth Jayy

Smooth Jayy

God Fearing Young-Adult Writer/Poet. My work consists of Passion, purpose and patience. Put your hands on these words and feel what I’m saying.