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Full Metal Sacrifice

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I am a human, adrenaline on high,
Constantly searching for reasons why.
“If only I could live forever,
We’d solidify evidence that we should be together.”

I am a cyborg.
I see plants.
I see a tree.
I see useless inferiors staring at me.

I smell the densely humid summer in the air,
Heat? No worries, it’s the season of giving little care.
We’ll taste dark, woody liquor, gripe at a cacti’s touch,
And laugh, an activity never done too much.

Built algorithmic,
Falsely orgasmic,
Substituted plastic,
Consciousness redacted.

Oh! My heart reaches its hot hand out,
I’m hoping in their wake I can keep myself stout.
They appear, come, stay, without any doubt,
Give part of themselves up, not just for clout.

Hope is weakness.
Dark is just the absence of light.
Suffering? No, bleakness.
My heart is left without its fight.

My ticker will beat on and on,
Until the last memory is gone.
To thought, hope gravitates, its not lost,
And the the time I spent in love was all but a cost.

No simulation can ever take away
The accumulation of it all, our formation, the human way.



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