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How to Get Better at Being Creative

The creative space can be quite demanding. Because to stay relevant, you have to keep putting out content that is new and better than your previous work. If you don’t put out content, you don’t get new gigs. If you don’t get new gigs, you don’t grow.

Whether it is a paid job or something you’re doing for yourself, every job demands your creativity.

I’m a writer and at times, I get Jobs that demand that I come up with a content strategy or a different angle about a topic. The brainstorming session at times can nerve-racking because I’m cut between trying to create something new and leaving a good impression for future jobs.

The process can be easy too because sometimes the right things come to you quickly. But not always. Many times you have to dig deep and do proper research.

When you’re finally done and your client or employer is happy, the stress wouldn’t matter so much.

When your work gets negative reviews, it takes a huge toll on your confidence. But since it’s your job, you have no choice but to do better.

Creatives create ideas and content easily. Hence the term — creative. They create things out of nothing. Some days, it comes naturally, some other days you feel empty creatively. You just don’t feel anything. No idea, no strength to do anything. Nothing. You just feel indifferent about the whole thing.

I see creativity as letting the inner-you take over while you watch. Most times, you cannot completely explain how an idea or a concept pops up in your head. It just comes.

Creativity is a huge asset in today’s economy. Jobs that are monotonous and routine can now be handled by a Computer.

Creatives are unpredictable so creating software that does creative work is impossible (at least not anytime soon).

Although creativity is an inborn trait, you have to harness it so you can get better at being creative and adding value to others and yourself.

Here are 5 ways to get more ideas and boost your creativity.

1. Look at other people’s works

Picasso said:

Good artists Copy and Great Artists Steal

There’s truly nothing new under the earth. What we regard as new is just a combination of different ideas and something extra.

We create our “something extra”

This is why exposing yourself to other people’s creative work is important. This way, you would never run out of ideas.

It’s bad to copy somebody’s work verbatim, that just makes you a fraud and a thief. You have to find what makes you different from everyone else.

2. Jot down your ideas, and Act on them.

Sometimes ideas pop-up in my head for an article that would be perfect to post here. And most times, if I don’t write it down, it fades away. But if I keep playing with the idea and adding more points imaginarily, it stays. Then whenever I get the chance, I jot it down and develop on the thought.

You should learn to treat your content like money. The same way you get excited when you get money. It’s how you should be excited when a creative idea pops up in your head.

The reason is, you do not know where that particular content would take you to. My previous article on storytelling got me a long-term writing gig with someone. She liked its conversational tone.

When you have an idea, don’t be afraid to act on it. It would bring no value to you or anyone if you’re afraid to put it out. Everything you create is like your baby. A part of you. It would either bring good news or bad news and either way, you’d still be the one benefitting.

3. Be around creative people

Your company determines who you are, right? Isn’t it better to be around creatives, so you can be better at being creative?

When you stay around people who you can share ideas with, you’d never run out of ideas. Creativity is like a muscle. The more you use it, the bigger it becomes.

4. Pay more attention — Listen more — Learn More

Every creative answer started with the question — How. You have to be inquisitive. When you ask, you learn, when you learn, you create, and when you create, you earn.

Listening is a skill. As ironical as it may sound, many times we hear but we don’t listen.

You should learn to listen to people, situations and objects. Everything has something to say.

Your sixth sense plays a huge role in developing content for you. When we follow our mind’s voice, we go where we need to be.

When you start to listen, you would see patterns that normal people don’t see. You become better at your craft. If you are a designer, you would come up with designs that have deeper meanings than the face value.

If you are a photographer, you’d make people appreciate moments that they saw as normal. Your pictures start to tell stories. You would start to open peoples’ eyes.

What changed? You started to listen. You‘d become more observant and be open to newer ideas and knowledge.

I believe everything on earth; living and non-living has stories to tell. It’s our job as creatives to see these things.

5. Practice — Do something Creative Everyday

Practice makes Perfect Right? The 10,000-hour rule applies to creativity as well. Whatever art you do, you have to do it so much, that it becomes one with you.

Do it to the extent that when people look at you, they won’t have any idea of who you were before you became an artist.

Become an expert in whatever you do and watch that skill take you places you never expected. — Tochukwu



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