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— a poem of potpourris.

Our Separate Ways.

Let no other put asunder, but I and I alone.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The great distance I’ve added to the equation
between you and I alone
The unseen aperture that exists between our shoulders
The smoke, the steam, the air that waltz around our lacuna
The great divide that perpetually floats on our stream,

They all took turns
on waking me up at night;
to stare at the ceiling, then at you —
whose figure has fallen so soundly next to mine
to the starless concrete, then back at you;
I’m restless, truly restless.

The unsettling crevasse our minds can no longer bear
The misaligned cracks that are no longer fitting
The pitch-black abyss that would soon intoxicate
The way our feelings part ways through our veins

They all took turns to remind
that I must soon make my way
Before I, myself is no longer here
Before I, myself, no longer exist.

The void grew deeper by the day
I must then leave you lying there
Before I cease to live and breathe,
Before I fall more and more
to oblivion.



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