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Passive Resistance

A Very Short Sci-Fi Story

Image by Thierry Chasselat from Pixabay
  • Genre: sci-fi
  • Action: meditating
  • Word: puncture

Meditation was a good escape from time. So much time filled these bubbles some thought we must either suffocate or pop. But I knew the trick was to ignore time; it couldn’t choke you if you couldn’t feel it. One time I woke to a hissing sound. The bubble below me was smaller and redder than mine and punctured by a bone-colored stick. Drones took it away once the transparent film had stretched over the body. He’d received a life sentence and served it; no time is wasted here. But I knew the trick; wasting their time was my justice.



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Tyler Piteo-Tarpy

Essayist, poet, screenwriter, and comer upper of weird ideas. My main focus will be on politics and philosophy but when I get bored, I’ll write something else.