Photo by Alex Green from Pexels


A Poem

Laura Alice Hargiss
2 min readJul 23, 2021


Look at where we have been
Look at where we are going
Hear all the lies that were told
Feel the lies on your tongue that you’re forming

Something is not right
Something curdles my stomach
I can see that your eyes are dry
the fire within that we shared,
well it’s no longer burning

Remember those long nights?
Remember our laughter?
How it filled the night air with musical sweetness,
dancing along with jasmine & lavender

See the fireflies sparkle like Christmas lights
Feel our bodies swaying like boats on the river
I wish we could travel back
and live there forever

This comes as no surprise,
our love was a roller coaster ride;
sitting back, we refused to leave
wind in our face
laughing ’til we cried
Screamed out obscenities all in good fun
Now we’re just screaming

We’ve reached the end of the track,
there’s no going back,
no more dreaming
Motion sick,
we’re no longer amused
Nothing left but a burnt fuse

Our love was nothing but a slow burn
consumed from within, now we’re left hollow
When I lay in your arms I’m all alone;
it feels empty and dark and I’m screaming
When will I stop screaming?

I can tell that you’re not gonna fight what’s coming
Why won’t you fight what’s coming?
Sometimes I wish you would fight what’s coming.



Laura Alice Hargiss

Poet.Writer.Singer.Artist.Graphic/Interior Designer.