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Square & Compass Celebrates Masonic Buildings

Masonic Building Exteriors

Square & Compass originally published this article via A+Dwire.

Masonic Buildings add to the architectural and historical character of the communities, towns, and cities in which they are located.

Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral (Exterior)

And while every Masonic Building is unique in its architectural design and history, one commonality amongst Masonic Buildings is their importance to the communities, towns, and cities in which they are located.

Another commonality amongst Masonic Buildings is that every one of them (and the stories they contain) is deserving of discovery and celebration.

Fort Worth Masonic Temple (Exterior)

Square & Compass Promotions is documenting and celebrating these Buildings via its official social media accounts.

The Instagram account “MasonicTemples1” features Masonic Temple exterior images. The Instagram account “MasonicBuildingInteriors1” features Masonic Temple interior images. Square & Compass’ main Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts also feature many of the same images.

St. Louis Scottish Rite Cathedral (Exterior)

Square & Compass’ YouTube accounts feature interviews with the Masons (and community members) who have called these Masonic Buildings home. Square & Compass has interviewed people connected with the Windsor Masonic Temple, the St. Louis Scottish Rite Cathedral, the Glenview Masonic Temple, the Edmonton Masonic Temple, and more.

Some Masonic Buildings are grand and complex.

Others are small and simple…but every Masonic Building is special.

Every Masonic Building should be discovered and celebrated.

Make sure to follow and regularly check-in with Square & Compass as it discovers and celebrates the architectural and historical treasures that are Masonic Buildings!

Skokie Masonic Center (Exterior)
Webb Masonic Lodge Masonic Temple (Exterior)
Glenview Masonic Temple (Exterior)

The reason Square & Compass could discover and celebrate these Masonic Buildings is thanks to being fully vaccinated. Please, get vaccinated so you to can travel and discover for yourself these amazing Masonic Buildings!




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Adamson, Cameron

Square & Compass Promotions, designed to explore the many ways in which Freemasonry is relevant to our communities. Will share both Masonic & Personal stories.

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