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The Mythos of You

Laura Alice Hargiss
The Creative Cafe
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1 min readApr 9, 2021


When you first crossed my path
that fateful night of shooting stars,
you sang delicious melodies
accompanied by your guitar

Siren song, you called to me
my eyes locked onto yours
Full of life, I swam to you
seeking love ensured

Abandoning comforting shallows
I followed you into dynamic seas,
giving you everything
thinking that meant I was free

When I tired and dreamt of rest
you laughed and sang my name
Blissfully unaware, I acquiesced
continuing your game

You gently held me close
and when in your embrace
I did not see the gathering sharks,
I only saw your face

I relaxed in your deep waters
until tide swiftly turned -
You began dragging me down;
Ignited, everything burned

Your lips of lush soft velvet
once at home upon mine
Now their growing distance
encases my heart in thorny vines

Words whispered sweet as honey
you spoke with poetry divine
Now every word you utter
weigh like stones upon my mind

Debilitated, sullied, constrained
my love you have betrayed
Celebrate your performance;
Hunter, you have caught your prey

So strum your guitar one last time
String your driftwood bow
Please, just shoot the arrow
and at last, let me go



Laura Alice Hargiss
The Creative Cafe

Poet.Writer.Singer.Artist.Graphic/Interior Designer.