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The White Box Dilemma: Part I

It was a cold, wet, brisk fall night. As the wind slammed against my bedroom window, I could feel a sense of warm fatigue taking over my body. Heaviness like a blanket of snow covered in rain, descended upon my eyes as I fought to stay awake. What was odd about this particular evening was the feeling of anticipation which accompanied my transition into deep sleep. At the time I didn’t understand it, but I could remember feeling an unusual combination of emotions that didn’t go together. Confusion, fear, revelation, but most importantly the realization that everything was going to change.

As my eyes slammed shut, the noise of a world that had forgotten the meaning of the word quiet hushed to a deadening silence. As my eyes opened to this new reality, I quickly realized that I was no longer in my bed. Everywhere I looked regardless of its direction was the color white. Above, below, to the left, and to the right of me was that same, monotonous, meaningless color. This place was horrible! A human being needs an environment of contrast, not a canvas of meaninglessness!

My heart rate started to escalate as fear and non-comprehension consumed my internal world. Right as the cry of my tormented soul was about to rattle the void however, an old looking man popped into existence right before my eyes. As soon as this man graced my eyes, an inexplicable sense of calm slowed the murmurs of my escalated heartbeat. I could sense that whoever this person was, they weren’t going to hurt me. Oddly enough, I somehow knew they wanted the best for me.

Who are you?

A powerful and majestic voice responded, “I cannot tell you, the answer to that question is forbidden as of this time.”

A feeling of unease quickly rushed in to accompany perplexity. I wanted to ask why it was forbidden, but I somehow already knew that line of questioning was pointless. — Why am I here?

“For reasons that I cannot reveal, you have been selected to inhabit a God-box. A God-box is a pocket dimension. An artificial version of reality that exist alongside yours, but is separate from the flow of space and time that you’ve come to know. In this place, you have the power of God and can do anything within the confines of the rules. Breaking the rules in this reality is impossible. Attempting to break the rule is like attempting to break the speed of light in your reality, it cannot be done.

What are the rules?

“The rules are as followed.

  • You cannot kill or physically injure yourself.
  • You cannot create life which is of equal or greater intelligence than human beings.
  • You cannot escape the confines of the God-box nor communicate with the outside world.
  • You need to experience the entirety of your sentenced-time with a clear mind. You can alter your mind with drugs or sleep if you’d like, but whenever you are in these altered states, the clock which keeps track of your total time in here will stop ticking down”.

How long am I in here for?

“200 Earth years. Once 200 years have passed, you will awake in your bed the next morning as if no time has passed at all. Good luck, and do not waste this opportunity”.

Just as the last of the old mans words left his mouth, he vanished. God dammit, I had so many more questions for him! How the hell do I use my omnipotence? What am I expected to do while I am in here? Is this a test or an experiment of some sort? Whats the point?!

As soon as I got done with this line of inquiry, I experienced a state of revelation, as if the information banks of existence allowed me to receive their content instantly. I realized I could use my powers by saying the words, “Let there be”. If I wanted to know something, all I had to do was ask and the knowledge would instantly be mine. Unfortunately this was the only question that I was allowed to know. The information banks response to my other questions were, “You will know in time”. Ughhh this is so frustrating.

The first couple of minutes, I just sat there in the white void in a constant state of fascination. It felt wonderful having every single question which popped into my head answered in the blink of an eye.

Did Tiffany Patino like me back in High School? — No? Yea I should’ve figured she was just being nice. Whatever happened to Justin Morrison? Did that guy do anything with his life? Wow he ended up having a kid and is working as a publicist? I had no idea! Once what felt like a million of these questions were answered, I started to ask the harder questions. What is the meaning of life? — Now this is where things started to get interesting.

The voices of the information repository began to speak, “This question has many answers. The simplest version of this answer is that the meaning of life is to live a meaningful existence. Going a bit deeper, the meaning of life is to establish a relationship with your body, your subjectivity, and the cosmos. This relationship cannot be any type of relationship however. This must be a type of relationship where you are both filling each other up with a sense of purpose. But alas even this isn’t enough to answer your question… watch and behold. I give you the story of existence!”

The barren whiteness of my surroundings went black. A cold nothingness gripped my body as I felt my sense of who I was slip away. The sharpness of logic and intellect became immediately dull as the weight of non-existence forced the conclusion that I was nothing. It was so obvious and self-evident, nothing begets more nothing. As I sat there slowly ceasing to be, a magnificent voice of power destroyed the void with the words, “Let there be light!”.

I exist. I exist. I exist!! ….Go.. go.. go.. God….I stuttered, is that… you?

To Be Continued



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