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Time in Love

if time is money
I’m glad I get to spend
my limited riches
on you




Unlocking creativity through community. Dedicated to supporting and fostering the creative writing community. This is a place for compulsive creators, their work, and their stories. Prompts twice a month and stories published every day(ish). Brought to you by Likewise.

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LOVE POETRY When There is a Full Moon in the Sky Magic happens. This image is created in shades of blue to black. In the forefront is a water bird. It looks like a flamingo. It is near a body of water and is being bathed in the light of the full moon. love under a full moon. full moon magic. white magic. supranatural. supernatural. buck moon. when is there a buck moon? What does supranatural mean? Difference between supranatural and supernatural. What does deer in headlamp mean?

My Colorful Contradictions: Performance Poetry

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I want to write the words I wish were written for me. For those dark moments I kept to myself and insisted on standing alone — even though I never really was.

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