Blog Post Fill the holes

Every week in creative founder poses its own unique challenges, no one said starting a business was easy, but using the lean start of method at least makes it slightly less painful. This week are team realized we had a massive whole in our product…. THE CUSTOMERS this was obviously a huge issue. Why you might ask did it take us this long to discover that this was such a problem? Well two things really first of which was people really thought our product was a good idea, it wasn’t just a assumption we where making, almost every person we talk to said they liked the idea and would have defiantly used it when they where making a decision about what major to study. Yet the problem was throughout our countless interviews we only found 4 PEOPLE who where currently trying to decide on a major, In terms of a reachable market that was an immediate red flag for us. If we could only find 4 people who would be interested in using our product right now we clearly had a big problem on our hands, so we decided to pivot.

Now we had interviewed many college students about finding a career and what the process was like so we had a big chunk of data to work with, so what did all these people tell us? Well the big gap for most people isent just finding a major they like its majoring in something and then having the necessary skills for the workforce or even liking the sort of jobs they could get with the career they are currently pursuing. So our new product will focus more on this aspect of the discovery process a much more tangible problem we can address. Whats even better about focusing on this market is we know there will be customers that we can reach.

Throughout this process I really learned the value of the lean start up methodology, if we had jumped right into building our original product we would have had a cool product people liked, that solved a problem but would have struggled to find people to use it. Obviously thats an issue when trying to start a business. But thanks to the lean start up methodology we didn’t waste a huge amount of time building something for people we couldn’t reach, I think there is a profound lesson to be learned in that.

Our next steps in this process will be to gain more clarity as to what our platform will look like and how it would work. Once we are able to clearly define that and are able to rework our value proposition we will begin to try and acquire initial customers and start to build an audience for ourselves. We will do this by creating a landing page and start posting links to it where ever we can. Who knows it may just go viral, because this is clearly an area college students and recent grads struggle with. To validate this assumption all you have to do is ask waiters or bartenders how many of them have bachelors degrees. Most of them will tell you that they liked their majors but didn’t like the career. Another common trend is that they couldn’t find a job or the job they could find simply did not pay the bills. We hope to end this vicious cycle and insure people are studying some thing that will enable them to get a job they like and help them fill gaps in their skill sets that would prohibit them from reaching there full potential in there preferred field of work.