INDIVIDUAL: Reflection post about a week [BMC/Comparative review & Team Week]

* BMC & Comparative review
What was it like to put together a business model canvas?
I think BMC is a tool that helps entrepreneurs generate ideas, reduce speculation, make sure they have the right target audience, and solve problems properly. Business model canvases not only provide more flexible plans but also make it easier to meet users’ needs. More importantly, it standardizes elements of a business model and emphasizes the interaction between elements.

What was it like to research your markets?
I think market research is very difficult at the beginning, especially when I don’t know what keywords to search for. However, after doing a lot of market research in the future, I found that I began to master skills and know-how to search keywords and see key content. Improved in time and made it easier to see key information

What went well?
Happily, after several surveys, we found that the results were the same as our original intention. We were very lucky to know that there was still a lot of potential in this industry.

What was hard?
The most difficult part is to search the specific data of tom.sam.som, because it’s hard for us to figure out exactly what proportion of foodie, we have to filter by age, by salary level, by region, and calculate it by arithmetic, which is the most difficult part.

What was the result?
Our results surprised me because we never thought about how much money our software could make, and after the calculation of market research, I seemed more motivated to develop the software. As a result, we have two models of tom.sam.som, one is the number of users, the other is the money earned by the click of advertisement, which has developed from San Francisco to the eight states with the most restaurants in the United States to 32 cities in the world

How did your idea for your business change? Why?
In the beginning, we only wanted to make software that users like, so we always supported software without advertising. However, aftermarket research, we found that many software makes money by advertising, so we recognized that it is necessary to join appropriate advertising and membership. After competitive research, we found that we need to recruit more partners, especially the popular social software and email because this software can not only promote our company in large quantities but also make it easier for users to interact with friends.

* Team Week — in session
What was it like to share feedback?
I am very happy that we have so much time to learn and share our views on the team members because many times we have different opinions or conflicts, some of us will choose to say it inappropriately, or some of us will just keep silent. I think both of these ways are incorrect. So it’s really hard to learn how to communicate by watching the video and being able to express it most appropriately.

What was it like to receive it?
There are a lot of points that I already know. Although I am not brave enough to admit in the ordinary times, seeing the team members write down the areas that I need to improve is like a reminder that I need to take real action to change these shortcomings. It was nice that the team seemed to believe that I could get better and that I was passionate enough about the work.

What did you learn that surprised you?
The most surprising is the structure of the triangle is so clear, I never thought a team can have so many research cooperation between, after watching the video, I know a good team is to how to organize, the most important thing is to trust, after watching the video, our group had the profound discussion, and more trust each other.
What assumptions did you have going in?

How do you feel your behaviour and team participation will change based on what you learned?
I think through this week’s course on teamwork, I will be more committed to building a team relationship. I do everything I can to remind myself and my teammates, including reminding myself of weaknesses that need to be improved, and seeing where my teammates might need to improve. I think mutual supervision is the best way to improve yourself.



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