This post is a reflection on a product design ideation method we tried in class — Charette.

Stolen from the practice of architects, team members rapidly generate ideas in a short amount of time. Then they evaluate those ideas in a short amount of time. Then they steal and build on the best ideas in the group in subsequent generation time.

This goes on until the ideas generated by each team member converge on one idea.

What did I think of product ideation in this format?

  • ideation was incredibly fast & efficient
  • we came up with some crazy ideas
  • we didn’t have time to get attached to any particular idea
  • no one “owned” an idea, as bits and pieces were constantly being shuffled around, removed, or added

What did I do?

  • my approach was to tweak the features and story of the initial concept each rev, much like an intentional game of telephone

What will I do next time?

  • go weirder with ideas
  • try not to do the same thing twice in a row
  • mash more ideas with each other
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