Crunch time- Pitch round 1

We really tackled this last week after we decided the most important things to focus on and fix for our pitch. Our biggest problem was customer acquisition and solidifying our experiment (we did both). Our biggest gap and red flag to investors was the lack of customer sign ups so we made a plan.

In order to get more customers, we had to have a more clear value proposition. We fleshed it out and then improved our landing page and made it look much more realistic and reliable.

The top part of our landing page (check out Aroma)

After that we sent it to friends, family, and started talking about it and asking people in person to spread the word. We posted on a few linkedin and facebook groups and reached out on our instagram page. We got about 40 new sign ups over the course of 3–4 days and we are still trying to get the word out!

We then had a very successful experiment. We contacted 2 professional chefs and a very interested family friend and set up the meeting. Our customer, Mariko, wanted to make Paella and our chefs were well prepared and suggested a delicious steak salad on the side. Ale and I went to Mariko’s house and the chefs arrived shortly after. The experiment went a little something like this:

It was great, Ale and I even learned a lot about cooking while watching and taking notes about the interaction. Some things we learned are that the chef needs to share the exact menu with the customer to mark off ingredients they might already have, same with cooking supplies. It turned out Mariko’s husband is a photographer and took some great photos for us, score. Doing this made our product even more real, its easy and the learnings from a very experienced chef are tremendous. I saw John (our chef) teach Mariko how to flip a squid inside out to clean it…it was crazy. We watched John grill a steak and learned at least 4 tips on how to grill something perfectly. Chopping was exciting to watch, he brought his own very sharp knives and taught Mariko how to chop like a master chef.

After this experience the food on the table looked great and smelled delicious, Mariko had a great time and said she wanted to do this again.

We prepared for our first pitch with a clear value proposition in mind, some more interested customers, and a really successful test.