Discovering holes

“I mean yes we are changing focus but the old idea is still relevant.” I repeated this over and over in my head.

Moving on can be hard. In fact, moving on is hard. This past week, we didn’t do a good job describing what we were thinking, they were still mooshy thoughts that are tangled together when time was up and we had to share out. When touchy feely feelings are not removed, I suppose this is what happens.

Casey Neitstat’s Life explained in 27 seconds

That being said, I think there were other factors that played a role in leading to this result. Over the past few weeks, there were compliments coming from interviewees and peers. That for some reason led to the team thinking that “we are in good shape”. What we didn’t realize, is that we are walking on a escalator belt in the wrong way — to get ahead you have to hustle, stand still and you go backwards.