Filling the 🕳 🕳 🕳

If you actually stay updated on my journey through my startup simulation class (Apart from Christina Wodtke and Kate Rutter), you’ll be aware of the little identity crisis my team and I had… Let’s just say sometimes it’s better to sweep the bad memories under the rug and move on.

Well, this week team BAX is BAX (ba dum tsss!), and we were to fill up the holes that we had. What do I mean by filling up the holes? As vague as it sounds, every team in our class is at different stages

And it just so happens to be that since we have pivoted from target market to target market and idea to idea three times, last week when we presented our definite target market that we were all set and confident about to class, we didn’t have time to:

  • Make our product roadmap.
  • Update our Business Model Canvas.
  • Make our business modelcule, unifing our target user, problem, and potential solution.

So we did them.

Xuan(Karen) Song and I also created the storyboards and UI we would show to our future interviewees to explain our concept, while Bibiana Bauer structured our whole presentation.

However, from the feedback that we got, despite everything our team did, some people were still confused on what were. They said it was a good idea, but they were still a bit confused. That’s when one of our professors mentioned, “if people are questioning what you’re doing, that’s when you know something else needs to be filled.”

Perhaps we were so busy trying to catch up with everybody else with our product roadmap, our business model canvas, and our business molecule, that we considered these were the only holes needed to be filled, and forgot to dig even deeper on what we’ve done so far, and how we could fill that.