Filling the holes…

There comes a time in every startups life where there are holes to be filled. You may believe you’ve thought about every angle that could present a potential hole but upon a deeper inspection you realize not everything is adding up.


One of the largest holes we had was the language of our Value Proposition.

“A service for undergraduate college students with poor executive function skills. Our service builds reusable habit structures needed to achieve goals.”

…good start. Except few understood what executive function skills actually meant without an explanation. Our team discussed rephrasing/unpacking what executive function means explicitly- although the real issue here is- executive function really is the perfect word for what we are describing. It’s not JUST time management skills, strategizing and keeping focus as individual traits- it is the term that encompasses all of those abilities. We have been aiming to keep our VP short & concise but we may to extend it, if it is too vague.

We also got kickback on “poor”- understandably, so we’ve spun it into a positive- “A service for college students who want to improve executive function skills by building reusable habit structures needed to achieve their goals”.

Ultimately the message will remain, but the words/language we use must be concise. Team Saturn will continue to refine our VP as diver deeper into the development of our product.

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