Founder’s Choice- Fill the holes

Week8- Creative Founder


Before this week, BAX team did a Mini-Charrette together to finalize product planning. We want to helps students who study abroad to find dynamic groups choices, based on both their individual and group preferences by allowing them to share and collaborate on location-based bucket lists.

Feedback from class:

  • Define what kinds of study abroad students we target on
  • Rephrase problem statement
  • How does our product solve that problem
  • Bonus: Create storyboard and wireframe to demonstrate the concept

As a group, first, we updated business model canvas. Many interviewees we talked with attended short-term study abroad program. They are wiling to travel because of curiosity and relevant relax schedule.

Value Proposition Canvas

I worked on storyboard and illustrate the scenario for our product.

We also validate our concept with pervious interviewees. It helped us to define the problem. Here is our Molecule:

Next Steps:

  • Build landing page
  • Start building an audience (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Talk to more people from study abroad programs outside of CCA
  • Talk to program organizers/leaders/planners
  • Validate concept with 6–9 users
  • Validate concept with 3 experts
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