Week 4

The final decision that our team picked was “personal chefs that serves consumers who want to learn cooking for dates/parties in San Francisco”. I did research on personal chef after class, finding out that there are businesses that’s already out there such as Eat Drink and Laugh, White Apron Chef and AwgPrivateChefs. The selling point that we came out was to create a stronger interaction between consumers and chefs by chefs teach consumers cooking skills. The bonus point was that consumers can save the menu that is learned in an organized way, like having cards in their pockets. This idea is temporarily named by us “Pocket Chef” since it addresses a tighter relationship between the chefs and consumers.

In the process of creation, I kept inspiring the team with my ideas of selling point of the business and “what is our advantage to our competitors?”. The idea of O2O model of resource sharing (chefs) is also to what I believe is inspired by what I raised in our earlier discussion. I also contributed on generating ideas that are reflected in the picture below:

Though food is a red ocean and the fact that our team has a great interest in food, we believe that this topic has a protential to create more new value in the pie of market. I would like our project to explore more towards blue ocean where more profits could be made.

(Sketches of development of the idea)

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