midterm feedback

It was inspiring to see feedback from teammates who you have worked for over one month. There were encouraging comments and some points to be improved of course. They all make sense and they show how teammates are the people who know you with what you present in the team. Different people have different things they good at. As an industrial designer I do less teamwork compared to interaction designers perhaps but I have learnt a lot in terms of communication, brainstorming and identifying team value.

We seems to be somehow ahead of the others with our MVP and target market but we still need to slow down in terms of branding, technology and communication between users. We planned to make a trial but it did not happen because of these factors. The team still need more time to figure out some details like how might we get customer/chef connected; how might we make money and how much; how might we make chef taking less effort getting grocery, bringing cooking tools and getting to customer’s home; how might we make a great brand that we can look impressive and unique?

More questions for us to answer and we will conquer them as a team :)

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