Patching the holy hole

All righty. So before we had lots of ideas. We went broad in research we found two markets. Shoppers and Businesses.

Then we specified. On shoppers.

We learned that businesses will agree with everything if it looks like it will bring customers in. Easy to get business on board!

So I thought that we were going to research shoppers. What they like, how much they shop and figure out someone to really poke at.

We got together and thought about the motive behind shopping, not because I need a peeler and have been using a zester for 3 f*&*ing years now, but because people have style.

Woah ben you off track here!

Well actually WE and I are not. Because, fashion is huge. Its big, its not just an ocean, its space, with satellites, planets and moons. Then inside those planets there are oceans within. Fasion-footware-Shoes-Baby shoes….

So we took style, how people dress to heart. We collectively discovered that we like this topic. Hurray.

Then the next step was to narrow even further, isolate the topics so we can focus on building a new fish for the sea. Or better analogy, a new shark. That would be our Som. Then a whale that just sucks everything in and has even more players, then Tam as god at the waterpark with all the fish and shamoos swimming around. hehehe.

So Now we are deciding on what aspect of fashion. Style. Custom Shoes? Super Chinese hipsters. Who knows. But thats where we are.

God give us a sign.

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