Pitching before D-Day

I am not the biggest fan of presentations but I am determined to get better.

If this was the actual pitch deck, then I had let down my team — big time — and investors would not have thought to even invest in our product. I weakly presented our price of how much money we wanted to the audience and it was incredibly awkward because I wasn’t confident. In the real world, being timid doesn’t sell products.

After pivoting from a basic mentor to mentee platform to focusing on connecting junior designers to recruiters through design challenges, we have regressed from our MVP (minimum viable product). With this last minute pivot, it has has affected the way we presented our pitch ditch, especially with our last slide; the ask.

What did you think a pitch would be about?

Our pitch was about a platform which helps junior designers prepare their portfolio through completing design challenges sponsored by companies who want to find the ideal employee.

Our product would help designers get more industry experiences and help recruiters find the right fit for roles in their company. We ultimately want solve the problem of employee turnover, which is a problem almost every company encounters and help recent design grads find jobs in a competitive environment.

In general, our pitch should address why investors should invest in our product and as a team, we learned that even if our product sucks, we want to convey our passion as a team, which is very important for investors to even think of giving us an opportunity. We can always change our idea, but we can’t always change who we work with.

Where were your weaknesses?

Our weakness was that we didn’t tell a cohesive story. Our costs didn’t even matter because we couldn’t tell a story that connected our costs to our idea. For me, my personal weakness is not being confident and strong spoken during presentations. I need to be able to emphasize my words and SELL the idea through storytelling with a emphasized tone. Designers need to put on their salesperson hat because the one thing designers and salespeople have in common is telling a story through experiences.

What will you address for pitch day?

We will confidently present our new idea and show that we are connected as a group. Even if our idea isn’t fully developed, we want to show our determination. For me, I will be more confident, smile and really show that I want investors to invest in our idea through our asking price. I can’t be un confident because that is never going to get me anywhere. I have to fake confidence until I actually become confident.