Reflection: 11.7.2018

Look for the right alignment, not the right process.

The importance of alignment

In the culture statements of Netflix, there is a principle that strikes me: the more “process” the leadership relies on to make decisions and drive the company forward, the more likely that the high-performance employees leave. (Actually, it doesn’t sound totally surprising to me now that I’ve typed it down.)

Since the team dynamic week, our process has been much more flexible than before, and I’ve observed that all of us dare to share creative ideas onto the table, such as our crazy intercept testings last weekend :) Yay!

This week, when we’re discussing our new iterations and brainstorming for the new ideas, we put down the problems that we hope the product would address on the board. That’s when I saw our thoughts written out loud: in a team, even though people are building a same product, in their minds, the goals of what our product should achieve could be very different.

The misalignment happened because in each sprint, we didn’t strive to gain a consensus on our vision, or simply our “molecules”. In such an early stage of product development, we built nothing concrete and received so much new input from our target audience every week. The problem areas and the pain points in our minds could change every minute. We need to find ways, even as a regular part of our weekly checkins, to close the gap between our understandings. And writing things down is probably our first step.

What pace is the right pace?

Recruitment has been a big hinderance that blocks us from moving forward — since two weeks ago. I think we’ve tried most of the things available for us that we had to conduct sessions with less accurately filtered audiences through intercept interviews.

Have we tried everything? How do we even move forward? Those questions started haunting me more and more this week. I have no answer but have to wait and see what happens with this week’s attempt.