research prep and actual research

This is week 5 I think.. which means I’m writing about week 4.

Everything is awesome… We had this crazy idea to go out and do 5 billion trillion gazillion street intercepts over the weekend, so we prepared for that with the usual stuff..

an interview guide

high fives

some sticky note rearrangement

one more high five

a couple days on the street

At no point during the week did we actually high five, but that’s ok. We got like 25ish interviews. At this point in our life, we are focusing on an app that allows you to hire a chef in the hopes of learning to cook a meal you’ve always dreamed of being able to prepare. It’s also a great way of showing off your social status and all of that jazz. We are also taking mixologists into our consideration due to popular demand. (Thank you interviewees!!)

Side-note: Intercepts are difficult and scary.. get ready for rejection kids! It comes swift and often.

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