Team feedback

We performed a feedback session last week. It looked like this:

Main changes for me are

  • be aware of my tone (i.e. sometimes I come off as arrogant)
  • get more sleep
  • be on time
  • dedicate more time to class

Main keeps for me are

  • high energy
  • keeping team focused & on track
  • debating important decisions
  • being organized and delivering

It was nice to get a third person perspective on how I work in this group. Feedback is always welcome. I’m really glad I know that I’ve been coming across differently than I intend in group discussions. Also nice to know people appreciate organization and dating team decisions. One piece of feedback I don’t 100% agree with is that I need to meditate more time to this class. Everyone’s lives are different; some people have lots of free time outside of class. Others work part-time to pay rent. If there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, there aren’t. When constrained by time, I choose to time-box and prioritize, instead of running myself into the ground.

I feel it’s always an important process to mindfully reflect on the feedback you get, where it’s coming from, what to keep and what to throw out, and improve your ______ (product, organization, self, etc.).