this week full of research prep

Our Team Eat went out as a group to several places over the weekends. Dan and Elissa visited California Culinary Academy, and a team of Ale, Dan and me visited the Ferry Building on Saturday. The total interviewee count were over two dozen which was helpful for our development.

These are part of the note from the Ferry Building interview, with two groups of two interviewed and one of them being interaction design students themselves.

There are insights from the interviews which will be included in our slide, but most importantly, we realized people have different types of demand on food, and most of them (as consumers) were excited about bring chefs over to their place to learn new cooking skills. Some of them brought out idea about making homemade drink to make social networking, but one of my interviewee suggested not. Originally from Stanford, He says that people over there will appreciate that a person know how to cook different dishes and it makes them sexy (in some ways) and smart and that seems trendy.

We are still aiming consumers who has spare money that wants to extend their cooking skills and willing to build a social network with their friends with food. We are very expecting food to be a great tool to communicate in middle-high end social life and it seems going well so far.

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