Updated Team Charter

We started out strong, and became stronger. Here are our goals and team guiding principals.

Team: Damon, Melissa, Ben, Yang.


● Creating a working product that makes money.

● Learn the whole process on how to start to finnish. To see the big picture

● Learn how to deal with people. Having a working partnership.

● Develop Leadership and organizational skills


We are going to act as an ecosystem and support each other and also take our own responsibility for our actions. This means we must stay transparent and always ask for help when not sure.


● Say what you feel. Always.

● Have evidence on what you’re trying to convey in feedback.

● Learn to deal with feedback from outside and within.

● If you don’t feel like you’re contributing enough, say it

● Every Week, 5 minute check in. This is a time to see what’s working and what’s not and

develop a gameplan to correct if needed.


● Always reply

● Be critical of ideas

● Share everyone’s special talents

● More discipline

● Prioritization

● Profesionalism

● Approach different problems from different angles