We are making money.

Today was our first pitch. We got a real customer to give us real money. I think we get an A in the class, right?

It was great to have Kate Rutter in class today. She mentioned a few things that really stood out about adding more storytelling, quotes, photos, and showing that real people want to pay for this (doing it, not just saying it). Kate said she would invest in our startup and then said “Can I give you $200 right now? What is your PayPal?” We asked her what she would like to make . We will set up the chefs to go to her house and teach her sometime next week.

Our presentation has quite a few things to fix:

I realized we really needed to focus on telling a compelling story and something that is very easy to follow. We noticed that it got confusing when trying to go through lots of numbers in too much detail. We need to consolidate and make a more succinct and clear presentation, and make sure to wrap up with the ending to our story.

We had many learnings today, especially seeing other group’s pitches. We saw what worked, what didn’t and what we want to apply to our pitch. Our weaknesses are going too in depth, we kept time well but need to cut lots out but add more storytelling.

I was speaking with a friend after class about Aroma and they would like to hire a chef and have a little end of the year fun cooking session with a few friends including me. More customers!!!!

Lots of work to do for next week, but this is very exciting.

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