Week 12 of Creative Founder: Preparing for the Pitch

What’s missing in our pitch? What can investors trip us up on? What’s our plan for that?

We need more traction.

We ran some tests over the weekend to gain more traction, and we’re waiting on the results. We’re either going to need to fix messaging or fix the advertising methods—because flyers aren’t converting into better sign ups. Google AdWords worked well for us before with our original messaging, so we’ll fix the technical bugs with that and turn it back on, as well as try a higher touch recruitment on Nextdoor. Nextdoor might be a great place to get user feedback—I think it’s time we get more feedback from the market to make sure we haven’t strayed too far.

We need a stronger TAM.

We may be at a reasonable size for TAM, but it’s not as ambitious as Airbnb. I currently don’t have enough research to know if our system could work internationally, though there is potential that it could. Instead of going vertical with seniors in Europe or Asia, we might branch out to do analogous markets that have similar problems—veterans benefits, and services for the differently abled population, for example. Without contacts in other countries, it’s currently hard to ascertain the intensity of the problem as acutely as we can in the US.