Communication Is Key

Developing product storyboards, wireflows and our elevator pitch

Tiffany Eaton
Sep 29, 2016 · 3 min read

By thinking of about our user and their gains and pains, we came up with gain creators and pain relievers to then come up with a potential product in order to validate our value proposition. If the product idea doesn’t resonate with our users, back to ideating!

Product Ideation is an important process

The first part of idea generating was coming up with gain creators and pain relievers we observed within our user’s pains and gains. We then organized these ideas into different categories based on similarity and frequency. The idea was not to come up with products or services right away as we would be fleshing them out later in the process. It’s all about coming up with ideas first and foremost before narrowing it down to just one.

We then all chose an idea from the plethora of sticky notes we wanted to explore and created a product story board. By storyboarding what our user would have to go through, we can better understand how our product would be used in a day to day scenario. After creating the storyboards, we decided on one to draw out wire flows.

We designed wire flows of the product or service to visualize a process. We did this two times and voted on which wireflow was something we wanted to continue to develop.

After wireflows, we developed elevator pitches for our idea.

By continually ideating on different ideas and exploring them together as a team through quick freelisting, storyboarding and wireframing, we are one step away to validating our idea(s) with users.

Design is communication

As a team, our communication skills are not the best, but by freelisting sticky notes and coming up with our own product interpretations, we communicated the best by presenting our ideas on paper and deciding based on majority vote.

As a team, we are one

Communication was something we all need to improve on, as reflected in preparing for our presentation. We were more or less confused on each others progress and what we completed over the weekend, as well as what specific market we wanted to focus on. Some of us were not on the same page with our topic. As a team, we are all held accountable for our actions and if something happens to any of us, we have to act as one. If someone doesn’t speak up, it affects the whole team and makes it hard to really work together. We all have to be open to each others ideas and change.

After generating our topic in class today, I believe we have a better idea of our product and potential MVP. Next steps include keeping track of each others progress so none of us fall behind and clearly stating our priorities and goals each week.

Tiffany Eaton

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