Week 7/8 —Mid-point & moving forward

These past few weeks have been both impactful and mellow. My team and I recognize the tasks we needs to do to makes this service possible, but we seem to be beating around the bush a little. There are a few reasons this is happening:

Not everyone is present. In terms of both voices and attention. Our team is excellent in that way that we have people who can voice their thoughts openly and effectively, while we have others on the team (including me) who need some additional time to process their thoughts before speaking. This gets problematic because Henry and Noam, who are open with speaking, end up jumping back and forth with each other, while Sara and I watch. We’ve been spending these past weeks focusing on trying to even out the roles of speaking, but that’s easier said than done. Maybe rudeness could be an effective tactic for Sara and I (and I mean introverted rudeness).

Week 7 marks the midpoint of this class, and My team and I have transformed our initial ideas into something completely different. Week 2 started as pl8’s amazing earthquake kit. “People aren’t prepared? Let’s make a kit that will motivate them.” This was our mindset then and I’m bummed I didn’t call myself out on its flaws then. Realizing that the problem didn’t lie within kits, but within motivation and reliance on others was a huge step, and one we are still trying to figure out in week 9.

In week 8 we had empathy day. Our group got together and discussed how well we were performing through Carbon 5’s Product Dartboard, and Dave Gray’s Empathy Map. This helped enlighten some of the unspoken words, or actions that we were doing, but maybe not realizing.

Moving forward, we took our new and critiqued selves and tried to move full speed ahead. We have a lot to work on, and we needed this refresher of an exercise to get us going.

Except, nothing changed — Including my behavior. So I’m still waiting for the big one, and I’m not talking about an earthquake.

This weekend, we focused on digging deep within our team roles. That means product features, ways in which this company can be monetized, and ways we can experiment all of this so our ideas could actually be a profitable one. Next weekend is going to be stressful implementing all of this. I’ll start writing the blog post now.

Features (top row), why we want them (middle row), and how we can accomplish that (bottom row).
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