Value proposition canvas of myself, by my teammates.

Week 8 of Creative Founder: Midterm Feedback

I really thought I would get harsher critique.

Last week we did various exercises that allowed us to provide transparent feedback about each other as a team member. I don’t really know how I look or sound from the perspective of someone else, so it’s always really interesting to see what people will write about you.

Why was I surprised the feedback was so positive?

Perhaps it has something to do with the ubiquitous policing of female assertiveness that instinctively makes me cautionary. For whatever reason, sometimes I think I’m too harsh, but it turns out I could be asking even more of my teammates, according to them. Who would have thought?

What behaviors I should keep, according to my teammates

There’s a big difference between who we want to be — who we imagine we are — and what we actually are.

It’s easy to tell yourself a narrative of who you are. We probably do it all the time. “I’m a good person, a good leader, and a good teammate,” but am I? Are you? How would you know? It’s this same skepticism, this same curiosity, that I think makes me a designer. That last week in class, I was the “product” — and I got to view the data about myself.

The same way founders can become blinded by a love for their own products and can’t see the truth, you can become blinded from your behaviors by a love for your own narrative.

When we ask for feedback from others, it can be scary — because the narrative we have of ourselves might not match the narrative others have about us.

Are we really who we think we are? This is why I was surprised — I was sure the narratives wouldn’t match — but they did.