Zhiyu’s weekly update

It’s like selling insurance.

I am going to be the bad guy after this week.

For this week, we had to choose in between two ideas. We had a hard time to choose what we want to do. We keep giving us more time on estimating which one we are going to do. Even though we already have a sense of what we want to do. It was not a bad thing to have two ideas. But we should commit to our time and do what we promise to each other.

We came up the idea of talking to people through card sorting. It’s kind of like a prototype but we ask people what content you are want to see and which one you choose first. We are still collecting info from the prototype-like card sorting exercise.

As I sad, I am going to be the bad guy in the team. So I will yell at people in the team and force everything to be done on time. In return, I want my teammates to yell at me too. I want to take this risk and see what will happen in this project. I have never been a bad guy in my entire life, but I want to try in this class.

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