Connecting the dots

One year ago I revealed a secret project that I had been planning for approximately 37 days. Sometimes you want to keep secrets. It wasn’t much later that I started thinking, now what? Can I top that?

I came up with some ideas for a sequel over the next year. But none of them gave me that feeling in my gut. I didn’t have to top the project from a year ago. But I craved the challenge. I can’t help comparing the present to the past.

That’s it! I had my idea.

Working on a college campus, I feel like I witness a lifetime of changes twice a year. Once during move-in, and once during commencement.

Both of them have the same feeling in the air. It’s a potent combination of excitement, anxiety, confidence, self-knowledge and sheer terror, sometimes all at once.

There are only a few big moments in your life when you have all those feeling wrapped up together: starting a new job, moving to a new city, launching a company, buying a house, becoming a parent, watching your own kids go off to college.

When you experience one of these momentous events, it’s like time stands still. You can see how far you’ve come. You can look back at the past and connect the dots.

But you also know that standing still isn’t an option. You can only move forward from this point.

My good friend Joseph Simmons, SJ quoted Soren Kierkegaard in one of his reflections that seemed appropriate for this time.

In this new project, I wanted to capture all of these feelings. I wanted a message that made sense and gave you new meanings and understanding forward and backward.

Whatever moment you’re in right now, just remember, you’ve been waiting for this moment.