Meet Good Axe

I work with creatives and change-makers to unveil the texture of their soul in a way that beckons to their tribe.

Back in the day I studied the graffiti artists at my school with as much attention as I gave my teachers. Sometimes more. Pieces of my notebook transformed into illuminated manuscripts when I drew my friends’ names on looseleaf, poured poetry into who they were. Told their story. Named their vision as I saw it through loops and whorls.

I’m still drawing people out in everything I do. I listen. I see who you are & reflect it back to you, amplified. Fueled by intuition. Direct. Real. Fresh. Tailored. Elegant.

I’m here to strengthen the bonds of beauty and purpose through creativity and art.

Brilliant design is the breadcrumb trail we set out for our people to find us. Me and my people fly by an undying penchant to play full out. I believe everyone is creative and that the stuff stars are made of can be uncovered where values, art, and business intersect.

All in the name of Love and Good and Making This World A Bit Better.

It’s true. I’m a creative professional with nearly 10 years of experience at multiple ad agencies for multimillion dollar accounts. I’m also a violin soloist and a yogini and the kind of person who will say YES to an invitation to Bali because the most powerful thing that exists is what’s woven between soul sisters.

When it comes down to it, I live for the synergy of the moment when all the elements work together. The visual story. The permission to translate your life’s work into all that is bold and true. The impact is out of control. This is the language of creatives. A clear, confident brand that echoes the mark you’re meant to make in the world.

Let’s take this place by storm.

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